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Problems that can come up during renovation

Even though one would prefer to enjoy a smooth renovation process, chances are that these common problems will be encountered along the way:

Products out of stock

Everyone goes into a home renovation in Singapore with big ideas and pictures of what they want to achieve. Rarely does one imagine that the materials needed to bring their dream to life may be out of reach. This, however, is a reality. If the materials that one needs are not currently available, they can opt to wait and order them in, which could delay the completion of the project, or compromise and go with different materials. The new materials have the potential of affecting the budget negatively so one should always ensure that they are within the price range of the previous ones.

Unrealistic expectations

Interior designers are great at what they do, but they may not be able to do their work with unrealistic timelines and budgets. It is important that the homeowner discuss their budget and what they want to see done with a realistic perspective on things. The timelines should also not be too squeezed to allow for a quality job.

The contractor or interior designer, on the other hand, should be trustworthy and be quick to communicate. They should remain flexible and willing to make changes as needed within realistic expectations. Transparency is key where costing is concerned so that there are no hidden charges that will shock the homeowner. Carrying out one’s own research will help him or her figure out how realistic the timelines given by the contractor are, and whether the budget is within normal range as well.

A homeowner should ensure that he or she is working with a budget. One should also make sure that they are doing everything in their power to reduce costs without necessarily lowering the quality of work done. Understanding that problems can come up is important and this necessitates flexibility from both parties. Keep expectations realistic by making sure that the design and the work required fits the budget and the timelines given also allow for excellent work to be done.

How to Stay within One’s Home Renovation Budget

Renovating a BTO flat can cost between S$30,000 and S$50,000. A resale flat can be even more costly, ranging from S$50,000 to S$80,000. A renovation budget is a critical factor if one is to make the most of the money they have in hand.

How can one save money when it comes to home renovation in Singapore? Here are some tips that can help!

This is the first step. Knowing how much it costs on average to carry out renovations, it is important for one to take a realistic look at the cash that he or she has in hand. That done, it may be a good idea to also consider taking out a renovation loan. In Singapore today, one is actually able to borrow as much as S$50,000 to renovate the home, but how much one can actually borrow is based on a variety of factors. It is also possible to take out a personal loan and use the said money for renovations. However, renovation loans tend to come with a lower rate of interest and are therefore generally more attractive. One should take care not to have too many debts to pay at the same time because they will end up servicing both the mortgage and a renovation loan as well.

One of the things that anyone looking to renovate their home should remember is that cheap can be expensive. A quote should always be analyzed in light of the quality of work done. It is important to review interior design websites and also various forums that offer reviews on the work done by the designers that the homeowner is looking to engage.

Once that process is complete, he or she should consider shortlisting three to five firms and booking appointments with them. In order to get realistic quotes, one should lay down what they require very clearly. These quotes should then be reviewed keenly in light of quality of work, customer service, and other things before a decision can be made. Should the amount quoted be above one’s budget, negotiating the price is acceptable. Alternatively, one can consider removing wants from the budget and changing the materials used in the list of needs.

It is important that the homeowner be realistic about what they want and what they need. Needs should be allocated money from the budget first, and then wants can be added if there is any more money for them. It is important that the homeowner select designs and materials that are within their spending ability so that they are not going above and beyond their means.

Even though one may not be a licensed contractor or an interior designer, there are some things that he or she can do to bring down the overall cost of the project. This can be as simple as going to the store and purchasing fixtures for the bathroom or wall shelves and the like. One may also consider painting the house for themselves and then calling in the interior designer or contractor for jobs that he or she may not be able to do as part of home renovation in Singapore.

It is common for people to exceed their budget. It is therefore prudent for one to have this at the back of his or her mind when looking at the various quotations that come their way. If one is working with a budget of S$45,000, it may be a good idea to cut down costs as much as possible to provide the necessary buffer. Alternatively, one can set aside an extra amount equivalent to 20% of the budget to act as a buffer in case they exceed the budget.

Tips to help one stay within their budget

There are certain things that one can do to ensure that they stay within their budget, or at least reduce how much they are in excess of the budgeted amount for the home renovation in Singapore.

  • Be sure that he or she is comfortable with the initial design so as to avoid making changes at the last minute. Changing can lead to extra expenses that were not budgeted for.
  • Stay flexible where materials are concerned. Usually, the budget increases or decreases based on the materials one selects for the job at hand. If one selects expensive brands, then the budget is bound to shoot up.
  • Ensure that the right specifications and measurements have been taken prior to making any purchases. That way, one does not have to go purchase more of the same thing leading to a double cost.
  • The homeowner should be sure to go by the site often and check on the renovations so that in case there is a defect, it can be taken note of and corrected immediately. If it goes unnoticed, chances are that somewhere down the line, he or she will have to fork out more money for more work to be done. The damage caused by the defect may end up being costlier as well.

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